David Brent: Life on the road

Ricky Gervais

Yet another movie that would have benefited from avoiding a heartfelt moment and instead aiming squarely for laughs. There was always the risk with this film that it would simply come across as an extended episode of the tv show and it does but, unfortunately, the episode it most resembles is the Christmas special. Except this movie isn’t a Christmas film and, unlike the special, doesn’t benefit from being a much-wanted bumper to the original series.

The humour, genius and tight one-set setting of the series is sacrificed primarily in establishing the character arc of David Brent. The movie focuses more upon making the audience feel sorry for Brent and so he occupies a strange no man’s land of offensive and pathetic. In this film, Brent, hasn’t progressed much in life. He is a traveling salesman who in a kind of mid-life crisis is staking all his savings on rebooting his nascent musical career which was briefly touched upon in the original series as a side-joke.

Not an awful or even bad movie but very much painted by numbers. No original actors or characters return. In so much as David Brent has a universe or canon this instalment doesn’t particularly add anything to the original series other than diluting the central character with this unrealistic and not very interesting attempt at a contemporary update of his story.

I would have been far more interested in a film where David Brent is again in a position of power and back in an office. This film seems to shy away from really wanting to place David Brent in a contemporary setting. Though it’s possible and likely that there are contractual problems relating to the rights resting with NBC or perhaps the feeling that the American version fully mined dry the concept of the office setting.

Even so it would have been nice had this film and Gervais been as willing to let the character shine fully once again.

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