Yoga Hosers (2016)

Kevin Smith

This is a hard movie to like. Even as a massive Kevin Smith fan and, on occasion, apologist. I admire his mantra of creation for creations sake as well as the merit value of the unusual creation.

I respected Tusk for its uniqueness, consistency and serious tone while dealing with otherwise ridiculous material. Yoga Hosers, by contrast, doesn’t apply the same consistency. The movie quickly abandons its light-hearted bubble-gum sense of fun and is distorted by the more recent tropes of the view askew universe and smodcast network. Such tropes in Tusk (other than the plot) were sidelined or hidden as Easter eggs.

Yoga Hosers becomes confusing as it references not only the early View Askew films but also the real world of Smith’s podcast network as well as also attempting to establish a new ‘true north’ universe. It’s a lot to pile on top of a movie not driven by a strong story. Instead Yoga Hosers is more about the central characters. Lilly Rose Depp is confident and great and Harlequin Smith has her own sort of charm as she nervously tests the waters of acting alongside her childhood friend. The girls’ chemistry brings a strange sort of meta dynamic to the movie. Meanwhile there are a range of great cameos including Tony Hale, Natasha Lyonne and Adam Brody.

Kevin Smith’s disclaimer to the bubble-gum colour palette, soundtrack and light-heartedness of this film is that it is aimed at teen girls. Unfortunately, though the third act becomes almost self-indulgent and extremely referential to Kevin Smith and Ralph Garmin’s Hollywood Babble-on podcast. This isn’t really a podcast anyone could expect teen girls to be familiar with. Also, the charm of that podcast is that it is recorded live and so is relatively spontaneous and chaotic. Scripted it feels contrived, static and robs the movie of momentum.

There are moments to like but the movie is too many different things jammed together. What could have been a sweet character based coming of age film driven by a fun sense of chaos is lost underneath all the other noise bursting in from around the film.

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