Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation

Dr Octagon

Popped my head up from under a rock long enough to realise it wasn’t just MF Doom that released new tracks in the last month but the Doc Oc as well. While I’m still unsure on the Czarface/MF Doom collab (need to give it more time), this, Dr. Octagon’s first album in twelve years, is possibly an instant classic. Dark production and fast flows, there’s not a track thamoosebumpst goes over five minutes or outstays it’s welcome. The medical horror themes still run heavy through the lyrics, and they’re still gross, but aren’t as emphasized as in the past where I thought they overshadowed the skill of the rapping, production, or DJ’ing. There’s only a couple of very short skits, no filler tracks, and a return to Pushead artwork. Awesome.