One of the best albums of 2018 is already being forgotten?

Evidence- Weather or Not (2018)

The third album by Evidence, Michael Perretta, once of Dilated Peoples, is almost a victim of its own perfect execution. Engaging from start to finish, its not just a vehicle for big singles padded out by skits and filler, but a real full-bodied album.

But are there tracks? Yes and no.

There’s one bigger single, Powder Cocaine (feat. Slug & Catero), which is great, but also almost feels out of place to the rest of the feel of the album.  Every track is good and some are excellent but they work better within the album as a whole.

This is Evidence building on his previous themes. The weather is fore-fronted more than

Michael Perretta aka Evidence

ever and serves as subject, buffer, metaphor and mood segue. Slow beats and quiet samples work with piano loops to create a steady rise and fall, quiet and crescendo. The feel of a gathering storm, the small squalls of morning rain, patches of weak sun breaking through heavy clouds at lunch, winds blowing the day back to grey and the uncertainty of knowing whether the clouds will darken and let loose or pass over and drop rain somewhere else.

Going forward through the rest of this year I think there are going to be a lot of albums that overshadow this its hard to imagine there’s going to be a hip-hop album that deserves more respect than Weather or Not.